Thursday, 6 August 2015

My Career in Nuclear Industry as a Radiation Protection Officer

Nuclear ?? Radiation ??.... A lot of people fear of nuclear & radiation. We have a few nuclear incidents around the world. Just google around and you will find it.

But I would like to introduce to all of you an interesting career related to nuclear safety, which is the "Radiation Protection Officer". In USA, the career is known as Radiation Safety Officer.

Well, what is that means?

Well, it is a good and meaningful career. The job is to protect people's safety,by preventing deterministic effect of radiation, and minimising the stochastic effect of radiation to humankind. 

In Malaysia, before becoming a "Radiation Protection Officer", one need to attend a training course from approved training provider.
After all, the next task is to pass a series of written and practical exam by the Atomic Energy Licensing Board of Malaysia (AELB). With good health condition, one can be certified as a Radiation Protection Officer , or Pegawai Perlindungan Sinaran in Malaysia.

Result statement after I passed the Radiation Protection Officer examination from the Atomic Energy Licensing Board of Malaysia.
In Malaysia, radiation protection is governed under the Atomic Energy Licensing Act 1984 (Act 204) and all the subsidiary regulations under it.
For more information, visit AELB

You may become a member of the American Nuclear Society to ensure that you are updated to the latest information related to the nuclear world and be part of the community for ideas, sharing and networking to the international world. I'm currently a professional member of the society

For more information, visit American Nuclear Society

 Also, as part of the Continuous Education Program for Radiation Protection Officer (RPO) re-certification, an RPO need to attend regular training courses, conferences, seminars, and workshops related to radiation protection and nuclear.

One of the training which I attended in 2015 is World Nuclear University (WNU) short course.

For more information, visit World Nuclear University

General duties as an RPO is described in the AELB websites:
Radiation Protection Officer Duties & Responsibilities

Other information:
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) 

Feel free to contact me if you need more information on how to become a RPO and knowledge sharing related to the nuclear industry.

You may watch this AELB Awareness Video (Malay Language)

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