Monday, 10 August 2015

International Driving Permit (IDP)

Now you have a valid driving license issued at your own country. That means, by law, you are permitted to drive at the country where the driving license is issued. 

Now what if you go to oversea and suddenly you have the intention to drive and you want to have better freedom when traveling at overseas.  Normally we don't possess the driving license of that particular country. Do you know the requirement to drive in that country?

Thanks to the 'INTERNATIONAL DRIVING PERMIT', aka IDP. now you can have the permission to drive.   What is IDP by the way? With IDP, the holder may drive a motor vehicle in any country that recognises the IDP, and it must be accompanied with the valid driving license.

The driving license  issued in Malaysia is as of this sample.

Class of Driving License


After having a valid driving license, next is to proceed to the Transport/Automobile department of the particular country to apply for an IDP.

In Malaysia, you might need to goto the JPJ , which stands for Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan or Road Transport Department. Another alternative is to goto AAM, namely the Automobile Association of Malaysia.
                 Here is the front page of an IDP

Class of license class granted : Align to international standards,
Class A for motorcycles , and class B for car. I obtained the class B indicated in the IDP as above. :-)

The IDP is valid for use at the following countries:

The IDP is normally valid for ONE year from the date issued.

Sounds cool, right, then what are you waiting for??
Let's drive and enjoy !!!


Cheers !!!

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